In the recent years, spin fishing is going through a huge metamorphosis. Massive companies and distributors are racing each other to continuously supply anglers with newer and better pieces of tackle. Many of those, especially lures, are modeled on products from different parts of the world. Producers are trying to imitate the look of the current, popular products, while craftsmen are following in the footsteps of their fathers and grandfathers. For them, everything is done according to one simple rule – producing the best and most effective lure possible.

Why handmade lures? Despite thousands of models of mass-produced lures, with different color schemes and designs, a true angling breakthrough is usually born somewhere in the far parts of the world. Handmade lures have been in production since tens of years ago. Their creators, shielded from the whims of the market and advertisement, are only concerned with the production of exceptionally effective models of crankbaits, jerk baits, spoons and other sophisticated lures. Now comes a very important question.... Why are handmade lures produced continuously, when shops offer hundreds of cheaper plastic substitutes?

There are a couple of factors that speak for handmade products. The most important thing is their uniqueness, the ability to lure the fish with a bait which it has never seen before. It’s a vital element when fishing for larger predators – they’re definitely very cunning and experienced. That makes them more prone to be seduced by bait that is new to them, meaning one that is not available to all anglers. Another factor is the unlimited combinations of model design and color. Adding to that, in the hands of an experienced craftsman, the lure can gain an action that is very unique, and never seen in a machine-build product. Thanks to that, an angler is able to apply a bait that is perfectly suited for specific conditions, and the palate of the predator. To summarize: the secret of success of handmade lures lays in their uniqueness and distinctive, specialized action.

Thanks to the application of appropriate materials, balance, shapes, and of course the precise implementation of the effectiveness rule, we can faithfully imitate the prey of large pike, perch and bass with our baits. Many elements come together to form the characteristic action of handmade lures, that cannot be achieved by their mass-produced counterparts. Some of the include: uncontrollable vibrations, jerks, turns and other, sometimes very petite nuances. Thanks to all of that, our lures are characterized by their great effectiveness and catch rate.

Corona Fishing is the leading producer of handmade lures in Europe. For many anglers, handcrafted fishing tackle is a type of art. In many countries the best baits are reaching astronomical prices. There is a handful of craftsmen respected by anglers all over the world. Products signed with their initials are treated like a collector's items, similar to paintings or sculptures of distinguished artists. Corona Fishing lures are often treated as such, but alongside their esthetic value, they also have one very important quality – they’re deadly effective.

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