How To Fish A Jerkbait

Fishing with jerkbaits is an extensive topic. As it turns out, many anglers do not use them to their full potential. You can get a nice catch from time to time, but according to our experience, best jerkbaits in the world can help you catch even better and bigger fish. It’s worth to take a closer look at your jerkbait collection. Find out how their behavior will change with different approach!

Many handmade jerkbaits have a number of hidden features. The reason for this lays in the varied structure and density of the wood. This is what grants them their unique action that can be very diverse, especally with the high quality jerkbaits. With them an angler can achieve unpredictable and unusual behavior, unattainable for other types of baits. Many experienced anglers like to check their baits by doing a few test casts, to see how a particular jerkbait will react to a different method of retrieve.

Variability This is the most important factor. Many anglers make a big mistake by retrieving the bait monotonously and evenly. The jerkbait will then gain a boring, unattractive action. You should try to avoid it by changing up the movement of the bait and the speed of the retrieve constantly.

Pausing is the key Jerkbaits will give you many catches if you let them rest from time to time. They get the best action sinking freely toward the bottom. The best jerkbait models will imitate the behavior of a living fish during this stage.

Depth Usually anglers like to fish with jerkbaits no deeper then 1 meter under water. We advise you to use our baits at much greater depth. All fast sinking models can be used to fish even few metres below the surface. The imitations of large bream or roach will lure the biggest fish near the bottom. Large pike will not swim toward the surface to bite our jerkbait when there’s plenty of fat fish all around them.

Noise Many jerkbaits are designed to be used near the surface. You can use it to your advantage in shallow fisheries. For these situations choose big poppers and jerkbaits that will move just below the surface, making a lot of splash and noise. For predators hidden between the plants it’s a clear signal to attack a dying prey.

The lazy way Among CF Nord products you’ll find jerkbaits, that get action without any pulling or jerking. During steady retrieve, they behave like a high quality crankbaits or spoons. They sway visibly from side to side, luring large pike and other predators. Lazy, slow retrieve is often a key to success. It can be achieved by using slow trolling technique.

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