Crankbaits (wobblers) and jerkbaits are the most universal type of lure. They can be used effectively for almost every predator. Adequately built jerkbaits allow for large pike, bass and perch fishing. Their characteristics, such as size, type of action, color scheme and depth of running, all influence the bait's array of applications. The ability to use any construction style determines its universal purpose and excellent effectiveness.

Jerkbaits made from wood possess different characteristics in comparison to their plastic counterparts. The most important matter is achieving an unusual action, by employing appropriate wood to the product. Only properly selected wood allows the lure to execute maverick behavior. Very often, thanks to the natural structure and density of wood, hand-made jerk baits can obtain elements of action that are unreachable for their mass-produced equivalents. The precision in handcrafted lures is a fundamental factor, but we will never get the accuracy of a machine while working with a manual knife. This is actually one of the key factors for a craftsman. The very tiny, often impossible to spot elements, determine the maverick like, jerky action, that large predators favor the most. Thanks to these nuances, Corona Fishing jerk baits have been very effective throughout many European fisheries.

The production process of the best jerk baits takes a long time. Sometimes, a concept for a lure is born a few years before the final product is made. The most effective wooden lures are planned purposely for fishing in specific conditions and environments. Usually, the first thing to arise is the need to create a lure. In the next stage ideas for the shape, size, weight and depth of running are established. Only when those parameters are set, the materials for production are chosen.

In the first stage, a few prototypes with varied ballast and wood type are made. Between the few prototypes, the best features are observed, and one of the prototypes will meet the requirements of the producer. Based on the final prototype, a first trial batch is handcrafted, consisting of a few different varieties of models. If the practical tests prove previous assumptions and effectiveness during fishing, only then a first batch of commercially available product is produced. In our history, on several occasions one final product has been developed for a few years, so that the perfect jerk bait for large fish could be created.

Corona Fishing offers dozens of various wooden jerk baits and crankbaits, although we have carefully selected some of them for the Scandinavian waters. All lure models available at CF Nord have verified their effectiveness in action. We have personally tested the products repeatedly, and the results are great number of catches of pike and bass. We are also collaborating with excellent anglers from Sweden, Norway and Finland, who fish using our lures.

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