Spoon Lures

Spoon is probably the oldest artificial lure used in spin fishing. In the beginning they were constructed from a basic piece of metal, but with time craftsmen gave them more “character” and specialized action. Thanks to many years of work, they became an almost-perfect type of lure. CF Nord spoons consist of especially selected models, suitable for Scandinavian large fish angling.

Spoon lures are highly praised by the best anglers. Sometimes they’re described as “metal crankbaits”. A well-made spoon should almost always let you catch a fish, despite how or where it’s used. The finest baits get the best results while slowly descending to the bottom.

Similarly, as in the case of crank-baits, the production process is very complicated. The selection of appropriate materials is the deciding factor for even the smallest elements of the lure's action.
Different type of binding has a direct influence on the movement in water, and greatly determines the effectiveness of the lure. The decoration, pressing and embossing is always applied to imitate live bait as closely as possible. The CF Nord craftsmen plan the look and behavior of the lure at the beginning of the process, and settle whether, for example, the bait will imitate a specific species of dying fish. Before the large spoon lures get their specified action, they have to pass tens of hours of binding and tests in water. Every moment that the craftsman spends with a hammer in hand, shaping and sculpting his product, he is one step closer to creating a perfect lure.

Spoons can be divided into two groups. The first one consists of large, bulky brass lures with minimal binding and bending. This type of spoon is characterized by a very lazy but distinctive action. They have been designed so that their thin brass sheet, coupled with a substantial width, allows for a very slow retrieve. In the shallowest areas, with a large amount of underwater vegetation, we can achieve a very effective action with this type of spoon.
The second type is made out of thicker (1,5 mm) copper sheet. This lure has a more slender side and a very noticeable bending. These spoons have a greater cast distance and running depth than their brass equivalents. They are also more suited toward the trolling technique. They’re the perfect choice for deep-water fishing.

CF Nord spoons are entirely crafted by hand from sheets of metal. Even the tiniest details have a great impact on the final product.

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